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Timpla Paint Supply, Inc. was founded last May 2010. It is a member of the TAN GROUP OF COMPANIES., situated its affiliated outlets in Luzon, Bicol and Visayas Regions. This Company caters in the field of Paint Industry, Automobile and Truck Parts industry, and Motorcycle Parts Industry.


         At this present, Timpla Paint Supply, Inc. is one of the fastest growing paint centers of the group in Metro Manila-Luzon region located at 39 GSIS Avenue, Project 8 Quezon City, Philippines. It is a dealer that offers innovative and modern mixing equipment to suit the accurate colors that every consumer needs in very reasonable price. Also, it offers:



  • All kinds of Automotive Paints (Polyurethane 2k, Urethane 1k, Acrylic Paints)
  • All types of Household and Industrial Paints (Latex Paints, Elastomeric, Lacquer Based Paints)
  • All purpose enamel paints
  • All kinds of tinting colors and all kind of painting accessories
  • Hardware Supplies: Paint Brushes, Wax, Sand papers, etc
  • Waterproofing



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Frequent Asked Question


Got a question in mind? Well, we might just have an answer for you! Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions to get us started. Can’t find your question in the list? Please send it to us by filling up our Contact Us form or sending us a message through our Facebook Page.



  • How much paint do I need to paint my room?

    Remember: 1 Gallon is equals to 25 square meter coverage minimum

                           While 1 pale is equal to 100 square meter coverage minimum depending on brands.

  • Where can I buy your products?

    To help you find the depot or hardware store nearest to you, please click the Partners button in home page to guide you.

  • How much is a gallon of paint?

    Prices of paints vary depending on the product. However, in general, you may find our products in various affiliates  where they are almost uniformly-priced.

  • Do you  have odorless interior paint?

    Most of our interior paints have a low-odor feature. However, for odor-less paint, we recommend you to check our Products button in home page to guide you.

  • Is there a proper order when painting interiors or a room?

    When painting a room, it is recommended to start with the ceiling. Followed by walls, trims and fixtures. And finally, the floor as needed.

  • Is there a proper order when painting exteriors?

    Similar to painting interiors, when painting a structure’s façade, it is recommended to start at the highest point. Paint each side, one at a time. Finish off by painting the trim.

  • How long does it take for paint to dry in between coats?

    The amount of time it takes for paint to dry would depend on a number of external factors such as room temperature and weather. In general, it can be said that it is dry set-to-touch within 1 to 2 hours for water-based paints and 8 to 10 hours for Enamel and Alkyd-based paints. However, coatings fully cure in seven (7) days regardless of type.

  • How often should I repaint?

    The frequency of repainting would depend on a number of factors, including but is not limited to the status of the existing paint, the activities being done in the area and the like. However, on average, a typical paint job would last at least 5 years.

  • How can I be a dealer/distributor of Paints?

    For supplier related / business transactions, you may coordinate with us by send us an email or you may contact us directly at (02) 426-1496 / (0977)8013294/ (0923) 680 2474 or 998-4009.

  • I have a hardware store, how can I find a distributor who can provide me with a supply of paints?

    For business related transactions, you may coordinate with us by sending us an email or you may contact us directly at (02) 426-1496 / (0977)8013294/ (0923) 680 2474 or (02) 998-4009.

  • I am a painter, do you have any  programs or rewards for us?

    Yes we do, we offer Privilege Card to all TGC affiliates. To become a member, please send us an email or you may contact us directly at (02) 426-1496 / (0977) 8013294/ (0923) 680 2474 or  (02) 998-4009 so we can guide you.

  • Does Timpla Paint Supply conduct painting seminars and how can I attend?

    Yes, we do conduct painting seminars. To be included in our list of attendees, you may visit us personally and fill out the form, you may send us an email at or you may contact us directly at (02) 426-1496 / (0977)8013294/ (0923) 680 2474 or 998-4009 so we can guide you. And if you are already a member of our TGC Privilege Card Program you are automatic on the list and we are the one who will contact you to remind you.

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